“This email or directed towards the staff and Rachel Prince. I was in for a massage february 14th and i loved it.  It was a great massage and I got to talk a little to Rachel as she was giving me the massage. She was very genuine on asking me why I was there. I was getting a massage because as a Semi-Elite runner, I was invited to run the Livestrong Marathon. I Won the marathon,  it was a curling and daunting feat. It was my first marathon of my professional career and I came home with the win. (Over 10,000 competitors!).  I just wanted to let Rachel and the staff know this little fact because they wanted to know how it went. Thank you very much for the great massage, surely it won’t be my last!  Sincerely,  Omar (Chuy)

“I have had neck and shoulder issues  for 3 months. After one pain rehab session with Rachel my range of motion was the best in months, and my pain level the lowest in months.My doctor  recommends that I continue with Rachel weekly along with PT sessions. What a great prescription to have!”


“I put a ton of strain on my body between snowboarding, crossfit, and everyday life. The guy who did my massage was Eric and he was fantastic. He listened to me and knew exactly the right spots. It was great because there are a lot of connective tissues or muscles or fibers and he knew other ways and spots to massage in order to relieve the pressure I had been feeling. Eric had a few techniques that I had not seen/felt before and based on the types of working out I do, he knew some spots that were tight and I didn’t even know it! He was very professional and made it a point to ask me how the pressure was on several occasions. Eric was also super attentive even more than a normal masseuse, he noticed when my foot twitched and lightened up the pressure accordingly. He even noticed a deep exhale I had. The most important thing about a massage is the massage obviously, but also the redistribution of energy through the body and the releasing of the lactic acid that is causing tightness. I left my massage feeling relaxed and even more knowledgeable about my own body!  It was by far the most pampered hour or so of my week and I will be back~!”


“He took the time to listen to me at the beginning, about what I wanted to focus on, then went the extra mile to find out what the actual source of the pain was (turns out it wasn’t my shoulder causing the troubles after all!!) Now, I am unbelievably able to have full range of motion and get through yoga without wincing!!”


“I have been here several times over the past couple of months.  I have been suffering from chronic migraines and lower back pain for a long time.  I have been treated by Meredith and have to share that she is absolutely fantastic!  I have seen several therapists over the many years and I haven’t really had the desire to return frequently.  This is not the case now.  She is very professional and personable.  She is new to Denver; however, she had several years’ experience in another state and it shows in her abilities.  She is by far the best I have ever worked with and I plan to continue going to her!  The parking is very convenient, the rooms are nice, and prices are very reasonable at HMC.”


“I’ve been to highland massage company twice in the past month. This time I went in because i was having a terrible migraine. I originally scheduled for 60 minutes and about half way through decided to do 90 instead. She really took care of me. I appreciate the fact that my experiences were tailored to what I needed on that day.”


“Hannah was wonderful! Great massage. new in the city so haven’t found a regular place…Hannah was great, exactly what I needed & she know what she’s doing!”


“Ina was great. I started out wanting light pressure but then requested a deep tissue style. I also had a problem area in my shoulder and another in my lower back. She really listened to my needs and heald the trigger points to relieve a lot of tension. I purchased a 4 pack of 90 minutes so I will be back soon.”


“Chris was awesome!! My massage ran long (how often does that happen?!). He took the time to read the paperwork I filled out with my preferences and injuries and such before talking to me and then we just reviewed what I was looking for in my massage. Very professional!”


“I will highly recommend Highland Massage. The facilities were clean, spacious and relaxing. Was hesitant to try since I was just visiting from out of state and did not have a recommendation, but after having Tammy  as my therapist, I will definitely Go back again. Not only did she provide a very good treatment for my body but also was very therapeutic for spirit and mind as well. Will be coming back to highland massage because of Tammy.”


“Was a bit surprised by her blue hair at first but I have to admit that it looks very good. Jodi was very nice and did a great job. She really helped work out the kinks. My husband already went to see her and he is switching from his regular therapist at another place to her.:”


“Therese is my regular therapist but she is sometimes hard to book because she is only there on Saturday evenings. When I can’t get her when I need a massage I take whoever they have available. I have to say I’ve liked everyone that I have tried so far. I think they go out of their way to hire good therapists. ”


“I’ve noticed the place for a while but I hadn’t been there yet. I was pleasantly surprised with the nice interior and the front desk staff were very polite. It’s just a block or two from 24 hour fitness so decided to try one of your therapists last week after a workout. I just want to say I really like your place and I think Ina is a great therapist. I wanted a nice medium pressure relaxation massage and that’s exactly what I got.”


” I have to say that I like all of the therapists that I have tried so far. I do like Selena’s personal touch with her use of the hot towels. She is also great with deep tissue work. “