“Amanda is awesome. She really knows the balance between helping me relax while working out the kinks.  You can tell she knows what she’s doing and genuinely enjoys helping others.”


“I just had the most amazing massage and will be going back soon. I highly recommend Demi to anyone!”


“I put a ton of strain on my body between snowboarding, crossfit, and everyday life. The guy who did my massage was Eric and he was fantastic. He listened to me and knew exactly the right spots. It was great because there are a lot of connective tissues or muscles or fibers and he knew other ways and spots to massage in order to relieve the pressure I had been feeling. Eric had a few techniques that I had not seen/felt before and based on the types of working out I do, he knew some spots that were tight and I didn’t even know it! He was very professional and made it a point to ask me how the pressure was on several occasions. Eric was also super attentive even more than a normal masseuse, he noticed when my foot twitched and lightened up the pressure accordingly. He even noticed a deep exhale I had. The most important thing about a massage is the massage obviously, but also the redistribution of energy through the body and the releasing of the lactic acid that is causing tightness. I left my massage feeling relaxed and even more knowledgeable about my own body!  It was by far the most pampered hour or so of my week and I will be back~!”


“I went to see Hope and she gave me what may be the best massage I’ve ever had. I’ve already booked my next appointment and would recommend this place to others. I’d say the price is reasonable if you’re looking for a fantastic massage and don’t need a high-end spa atmosphere.”


“Jodi is absolutely fantastic.  She is great at making sure she is using the right amount of pressure.  She’s very friendly and professional! I am always extremely comfortable and relaxed with her. Since I’ve started going to her my body has never felt better! I will definitely continue going to Jodi her technique is remarkable!!”


“I had been here once before last fall and it was really good.  I came in again for a 90 minute massage and had Karen, and it is definitely one of the top 5 massages I’ve gotten.  I was having 3 main issues I asked her to focus on – a tight leg muscle, arch pain, and a sore back.  She really honed in on the leg muscle, working on it then moving on to something else and coming back to it.  I’ve had other massage therapists work out kinks but she was really working on it.  She got the kinks out of my back and did take a few extra minutes on my feet, which often times I request but they person does not do.
The 90 minutes is really worth extra money as that extra 30 minutes allows for a much more thorough massage.  This place is great and I will definitely go back.”


“I always feel great after a massage and energy work from Laura. Her skills, experience, and ability to assess what my mind, body, and spirit needs result in better alignment, less pain, and balanced energy!”


“LIBAH LIBAH LIBAH!!! I’ve been to so many different massage spas and I even used to be in the industry… Libah is by far the most thorough and experienced I’ve ever experienced and the spa alone was so nice and dim, clean, and they even have tea for you in the waiting area. I get pretty firm/deep massages and she was able to relieve my tension with just one visit. Awesome!”


“Great staff! I had an amazing massage with Rebecca. I would highly recommend this company.”


“Best massage ever! It was my first visit and my therapist was Roy. He was the best I’ve had. I deal with consistent back and shoulder pain and have received massages for years at many other places but will be a regular here from now on. Roy was the first therapist who used the exact pressure necessary to relieve my tension. He and the receptionist were both professional and the place is very clean. I will be back and highly recommend Highland Massage Company.”


“I had one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at this spa.  Samantha was incredibly informative and effective.  I had the pleasure of having a 90 minute massage and she worked on areas that I told her about with TLC.  She even took time to treat the areas with heat first and then come back to them for the actual massage so the muscles responded.  She also stretched me at the end.  It is the first time I’ve experienced that and I was not sore at all from the 1.5 hours of manipulation.  The staff is friendly and the experience was so positive.  I even pre-purchased my next massage.  Samantha sent me out the door with a little gift for my skin care that we discussed.  I felt like it was a whole body experience and am definitely going back!”


“I will highly recommend Highland Massage. The facilities were clean, spacious and relaxing. Was hesitant to try since I was just visiting from out of state and did not have a recommendation, but after having Tammy  as my therapist, I will definitely Go back again. Not only did she provide a very good treatment for my body but also was very therapeutic for spirit and mind as well. Will be coming back to highland massage because of Tammy.”