Diana is an LMT, graduate of the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado, a Craniosacral Therapist, CS1 and 2 (Upledger Institute) and a Reiki Level Master III (ART) practitioner. Before finding her home at the Highland Massage Company Diana worked at the SCI Recovery Project in Thorton, CO. Here she used a combination of Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki to help patients with spinal cord injuries. Diana’s lighthearted yet grounded nature, combined with her life wisdom and empathy allows her to connect with people on a deep level.
When not working, Diana spends most of her time hiking with her Samoyed, Kodiak and connecting to nature.


I’ve been with the company since it opened in June of 2012. I moved to Colorado in August
of 2011 after attending Omaha School of Massage Therapy and Health
Care, where I received over a 1,000 hours of training, more than
double the requirements for the state of Colorado. I’ve been
practicing as a licensed therapist for over 2 years in the state of
Colorado. I specialize in trigger point release, deep tissue, and
utilize Swedish techniques along with some sports massage techniques,
and an innate ability to use just the right amount of pressure. I
consider myself more of a therapeutic therapist, but do have the
ability to do a relaxing massage.  My goals as a therapist are to
further my education and practice and to meet the goals of my clients,
whether I need to troubleshoot an issue or help them relax.


is a licensed massage therapist who graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy in July of 2012. She is passionate about helping her clients decrease pain and stress. Education is important to Hannah; she enjoys sharing new information and tips with her clients. Hannah will work hard to make sure every massage is customized to specifically help each client. She is trained in various massage modalities but especially enjoys deep tissue, trigger point and prenatal massages.


My name is Hope J. McDonald and I am a graduate of the Colorado School of Healing Arts 700+hr programme (2009).

I love working with my hands and have an intuitive massage style. My work is mostly an integrated form of massage using broad sweeping strokes, deep tissue techniques and Thai stretching techniques to create a unique experience. Each massage is tailored to the individual and your bodywork needs are my concern and my focus. I am trained in various bodywork modalities and feel confident that you will benefit from my work. Specialty focus, head and neck.


Jodi graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in 2008 with a 700+ hour certification. With over 6 years of experience, she has worked on thousands of people. She has extensive knowledge of anatomy, and is highly trained in various types of massage techniques  including, Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, and TMJ, but specializes in sports/injury  massage and acu-stretching. She hopes to further her experiences and continue to provide healing customized massage for each individual person’s needs.


Celeste is a professional body worker and licensed massage therapist in the states of Florida and Colorado who has always had a passion for enhancing inner and outer beauty for herself and others. Her concentration is in the area of wellness with a holistic, intuitive and natural approach developing and offering treatments that promote both relaxation and wellbeing of the body, mind, and spirit. She has trained in a multitude of techniques, specializing and mastering Ayurveda massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue and aromassage; at the same time, she feels and lets natural energy of communication between “body-hand-body” flow, allowing divine intuition to guide her hands and fingers through the art of healing touch.Celeste’s experiences of self-healing have led her to passionately share the gifts of massage therapy, Reiki and essential oils as well as educate others about the immense benefits that daily yoga and meditation practices bring about into people’s lives, benefits that she is pleased to encounter in her own life.

Tammy has been a practitioner of therapeutic massage for almost 20 years; specializing in releasing restrictions in the body and reducing discomfort from injury and stress. She utilizes a variety of techniques that are specific to a client’s preference and condition. Techniques she utilizes range from deep to light pressure, including those from Swedish, Sports Massage, Structural Integration, and Cranio Sacral approaches. She feels that it is an honor to assist clients in their goal of feeling better and moving toward returned health and function.Additionally, Tammy has a degree in Oriental Medicine from the Southwest Acupuncture College, and is also licensed as an acupuncturist in Colorado. Her knowledge of oriental medicine is also applied in a massage setting.Tammy has relocated to Denver from Vail where she has been practicing for the last eight years.

I am a Graduate of Healing Mountain Massage School in Salt Lake City, Utah. I enjoy what I do for many reasons, I always have an opportunity to learn & grow & add to my practice as well as help people in pain recover from injuries, & stress burnout by relaxing the body so it can become revitalized. I am trained in the following techniques: Lomi Lomi. Thai Yoga, Prenatal, Sports, Lymphatic, & Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point, Shiatsu & , Reflexology.

Kate W:
Kate is a natural born healer. As a teen, she noticed when placing her hands on painful parts of her body, the hands would heat up and the pain would go away. In 2013 she was introduced to Usui Reiki and started helping her friends and family members feel better by channeling Reiki through the body and out her hands. She is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and spiritual intuitive. During an energy session, she has many Guides and Angels that work with her. She has helped many people on their healing journey, please allow her assist you on your’s.In the beginning of 2015 she attended Denver School of Massage Therapy where she was trained in both eastern and western modalities. With over 800 hours of education, Kate is proficient in everything from Swedish Massage to Sports Rehabilitation. Her holistic approach is dedicated to awakening the world to their psychic talents, balancing the mind/body/spirit connection, assisting others in developing their psychic and healing gifts and empowering you with knowledge to live the abundant and successful life you were meant to live. If you have questions about your health, love life, finances, career, or family issues, Kate can help open your eyes to your unique situation and help you create possibilities for success.

Kate J: